2020 Amit Bhadan Net Worth From Youtube, Social Media


Amit Bhadan Net Worth of 2020 from youtube

Amit Bhadan Net Worth Form Youtube

Amit Bhadan is the biggest  Indian individual YouTuber with Number Subscribers as he is the most sensation in youtube communities at trending page Most of his favorites YouTuber is bigshot CarryMinati and Bhuvan Bam

Amit Bhadan Annual Salary is between $14k to $24k Monthly Income and Yearly average is 2 million dollars to 3 million dollars Only form youtube advertisements.
  • Net Worth: $2 Million 

Real Name 
Amit Bhadana 
7 September 1991 
Monthly Income  
10 Lakh 
19 Million 
Married Status 
Jodhpur North Delhi, India 
Funny vines video maker 
Launch Back 

His one of the most trending video is Types of People in Bus which earns millions of dollars through one video 
Amit Bhadana most of the sponsorship comes for Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram which net worth of amit bhadana make more than other YouTuber

As Real, Name was Amit Bhadana and the nickname was Amit His content was about funny vines video which 19 million of people love his content were monthly earning was 10 lakhs in aback he was a YouTuber parker who uploading video in Facebook at Jodhpur north Dehli in 2005 As a Comedian 

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Well Amit Bhadana is one of the most Individual YouTuber who uploads his content daily in Youtube which millions of subscribers love his channel as he was one of the biggest supported in Youtube Fanfest it is one of my Favorite show in youtube which held in a year through sponsored by youtube

Estimated Earning Form social Media

Social Media 
4 Million 
5 Million 
19 Million 
Tik Tok 

He started his career from Facebook his first video was viral through Facebook his one of the Best friends is social media who had given him such good life  as most of his actual earning is floating form social media Like Facebook Monetize account, Instagram monetize account which one of his videos on Facebook earn  $400 to $700 Daily approx

Amit Bhadana Income Form Instagram Account 200 to 500 Dollar Easily Form Instagram monetize and Sponsorship 

At Social media, He has more than 10 Million Followers at each media he earns more than 500 to 700 Dollars daily at Facebook approx 5 Million Follower and earning is about 400 to 700 hundred dollars, In Instagram 4 million followers earn was 200 to 500 dollar as you all know now a day tik tok is trending section there are few artists like Faisal Shaikh (faisu), Riyaz Ali (riyaz) they are earning more than 2 to 3 million dollars with is an example of earning prove form tik tok.

Inspired with Friends & Actor

Were Amit Badana was uploading a video on Facebook Which get viral but his friend gives him the advice to make a video on youtube he started video make on March 1, 2017.  in a back, he was a YouTuber parker as his eduction completed in Delhi university he enters in youtube then his luck started as you know the name as Amit Bhadana who had inspired to lakhs of people by his talent 

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Amit Badana was Graduating from Delhi University he inspired with Salman khan after finishing his graduate then he started video uploading at march 1 then now he never looks back as in career he earns more than 50-60 lakhs in a month

In Conclusion

The net worth of amit Bhadana who earning More than other YouTuber this is an analysis of youtube monetize and Social media Monetize which earning from ads only 

Worthwhile it is not easy to like him he had done hard work to be such big YouTuber

However, YouTube is the best platform to earn money this is a great platform to show talent like amit bandana who is Indian biggest individual YouTuber who earn more than 3 million form youtube and social media

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